Instructions on how to add your logo to the site.

Please do the following to add your company logo to

  1. Make sure you or a representative has a working GitHub Account. If you have an engineer on staff, they should be able to assist you with this.

  2. Fork opencryptoorg/ to your personal account by clicking the fork button on the upper right hand of your screen.

  3. In the fork, please scroll to the directory, and click add file, to upload an svg or png of your logo. Please ensure it is has a good quality resolution and will show against a white background.

  4. Almost done! Finally, please navigate to the data/sponsors.yml file, and add your name alphabetically to the list of members like so:

    name: CompanyName
    website: Company Website
    logo: yourlogoname.(png or svg)    
  1. Great! Now please navigate to the “Pull Requests” tab in the repo, and click “New Pull Request”.

  2. Then click “Create Pull Request”, and after that once more, “Create Pull Request”.

  3. A COPA representative will receive your request and merge your pull request, thereby adding your logo to the site.

If you have any difficulties following this process, or there is more than one day delay in adding your logo after your pull request, please email and we will promptly assist you.